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One benefit of adopting Automation in your online business is to free up your time so you can do other productive things in your online business or other things that can't be delegated. For example, I've noticed that many business owners want to improve their skills, some may have even bought trainings but are yet to complete it. Even though they want to be better, they barely have the time to take important trainings or to practice what they have learnt.

This right here is why you must take Automation Seriously.

3 things that you must automate this February.

1. Product display and information.

 Its archaic to keep sending your clients pictures and prices of your products one by one. Please get a website or a simply online catalogue so customers can navigate through your products, compare prices and make a choice on what they want to buy without going back and forth with you over every detail in the Dm.

2. Automate your payments:

There should be an automated way for interested buyers to make payment for your product without you having to physically send them their bill and your account number. You can use platforms like to do this. With Selar your customers can pay through any payment method of their choice. From regular bank transfers, to ussd and card payments and much more. Now because there will still be those clients who would never pay on the site no matter what, You have to automate your Dms (especially your WhatsApp Dms) to automatically send in your account details to your clients whenever they ask for your account details or while they are about to make a buying decision.

Which brings me to the last point.


You can pretty much automate your Dms to your own taste as long as you have an *Android Phone*.All those things that people are constantly asking you can be fully automated so that you can reply your clients whether you're currently present or not and so that you'd have reduced your work to the barest minimum.

When you refuse to adopt automation, you're killing the ability of your business to properly scale and eventually you'd spend more money and time hiring people  ( and yourself included) to do the work that could have been easily done through Automation. 

Imagine praying for more leads and more sales but there's no system in place to handle the influx of traffic that comes to you. You'd get burnt out and exhausted in no time. The time you spend in learning and setting up your automation, will pay off in the long run because something you set up one time will be sent to hundreds and thousands of clients.

Henry Akpebe is the president of Constant Rescue Savings and loans and the founder of Salvami communications ltd. He is very passionate about helping small businesses to succeed. You can connect with him on social media @constantrescue1

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